Albatros for the residential sector

Albatros has also domestic treatment plants among its product range, aiming at a ever greener future:

  • Strong cationic resin softeners, for the removal of scaling calcium and magnesium salts causing the clogging of pipes, dish washers, washing machines and boilers
  • Reverse osmosis purification plants for the production of drinkable water for food.

Size: (P x L x H mm)
Osmosis: 420 x 110 x 400
Addolcitore: 600 x 320 x 1130

Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis is the process where the passage of a salty water is forced (by pressure) through a membrane, to reach a less concentrated solution. The osmotic membrane is useful to retain and drain the salts, viruses and bacteria, allowing to have, on the other side, drinkable and pure water.
The reverse osmosis is today the most reliable and safest technology to produce potable water for human consumption. The nanofiltration is likewise a membrane process, less selective than the reverse osmosis but it also ensures the potability of the treated water.


The osmotic and nanofiltration membranes are made of polyamide, tested to produce water in compliance with potability laws.

Considerable advantages with your domestic plant

For the residential sector, it is duly important to highlight the considerable advantages that you will have with the use of a softener or a reverse osmosis/nanofiltration purifier.

It is well known that the pipe scaling, due to the precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts, causes a clogging in the pipes and the subsequent passage of water requires more electric consumption.

The water hardness causes serious scales in washing machines and dish washes, thus leading to the technical assistance for the expensive replacement of the components. The use of the resin automatic softener allows to reduce the maintenance costs of the electrical appliances using water.

With the reverse osmosis/nanofiltration plants it is instead possible to produce potable water pursuant to the laws and decree in force.

The domestic plant potable water can be used for food purposes.
As for the environment, the use of a reverse osmosis plant allows to reduce by about 100% the use of plastic bottles.

The installation of a potabilization plant with low cost allows a considerable saving of money in the purchase of bottled mineral water, avoiding the tiring transportation from the shop to your house.









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