Albatros for the healthcare industry

Albatros has supplied many water treatment plants belonging to hospital/healthcare industry to different countries, for both potable water production and waste water treatment.

It has especially provided water treatment plants destined to kidney dialysis and sterile water production plants for analysis laboratories.

Since the waste waters to be treated are generally contamined with viruses, bacteria, medicinal and organic compounds, Albatros provides the MRB technology (membrane ultrafiltration) in the tertiary (final filtration).

The water treatment plants we produce for the healthcare industry:

  • Disinfection systems
  • Anti-legionella systems
  • Mechanical and activated carbon filtration
  • Bi-osmosis plants for the production of water destined to kidney dialysis
  • Bi-osmosis plants for laboratory waters
  • Civil waste water treatment plants, both using the classical technology (activated sludges) and ultrafiltration membranes in the tertiary, to retain viruses, bacteria, medicinal compounds and other.

Overview of some treatment plants we produce for the healthcare industry

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