Our services

Our company takes care of the after-sale service (installation, start-up, maintenance of the plants) and, thanks to ots wide stock, assures the supply of spare parts (valves, cylinders, metering pumps etc.) and also consumer goods (filtering cartridges, chemical products, resins, activated carbon).

By selling chemical products, Albatros covers the purification, desalination and disinfection sectors. The most used chemical products in these sectors are coagulants, flocculants, remineralizing products, alkalizing products, deoxygenating products, anti-corrosive products, anti-foam products, anti-scaling products, biocides and sodium hypochlorite.

Albatros provides the clients with consulting activities on products and services, processes the purchase orders, delivers and installs the treatment plants and takes care of the post-sales service.

All the activities are carried out dinamically, in compliance with the quality, safety and warranty legislation, both in the head office, warehouse and work sites.

In order to perform these activities at best, the President delegates the authorization to manage the Quality Assurance System to the company general management, according to the objectives and obligations.

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